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JAC Forklift

A subsidiary of JAC Motor Group, it has been developing rapidly since 2003. With products of over 400 varieties in the MHE division, 150 domestic dealers and 30 international agents, it has proven to be a growing trustworthy manufacturer.

MQTC distributes JAC Forklifts to customers with various options such as diesel, LPG and electric forklifts ranging from 1 to 25 tons to meet their everyday business needs.

Improved design with a fresh facelift coupled with innovation. The J-series of Diesel Forklift Trucks produces excellent power with lasting durability ranging from 2 to 3.5 tons to meet the quality and performance anytime, anywhere.

  • Lifting capacity: 2,000kg – 3,500kg
  • Available in diesel, gasoline & LPG
  • Load sensing hydraulic system
  • High traction over 23KN with full load
  • Climbing ability over 20% with full load
  • High speed over 19% with full load
  • High stability
  • Standard free lift from 130mm
  • Low vibration
  • Industry-leading three-level shock absorption
  • Spacious operating cab
  • Reliable electric system
  • Easy steering

JAC's electric counterbalanced forklift series brings bold improvements and innovation to the market with significant reductions in operating costs. The J-series shows our commitment to fulfilling customer's needs and improvements designed to ensure operating comfortability while conserving our environment and reducing the cost of ownership. This series ranges from 1.3 to 3.5 tons.

  • Lifting capacity: 1,300kg - 3,500kg
  • Side battery access
  • Ease of opening battery cover for checking
  • Multifunction armrests
  • Lifting capacity: 10,000kg
  • Japanese engine
  • Standard free lift at 125mm
  • Turning radius of less than 4m